Patient Management

Emergency Care

Resuscitation and emergency management of Newborns, and General Paediatric management of Cardiogenic and other type of shocks, performing central cutdowns (Venesections), introducing central lines, arterial line cannu1ation, Peripheral venesections, Exchange transfusions, Tracheotomy- Endotracheal intubation, management of status asthmaticus and Epilepticus. Management of Cynotic -Spells. etc-


Performed liver, Skin, muscle biopsies, Incision - drainage of abscesses, IV line cannulation, performing lumbar, subdural, ventricular, ascitic, pleural taps and introducing intercostal drains.


Performed Kidney biopsies, Dialysis, detailed knowledge and experience in peritoneal/CAPD/Haemodialysis and haemofiltration.


Transvenous pacing, Pericardial taps, Pericardial biopsy, swan ganz Catheterisation, Defibrillation, Electro-Cardiography.


Resuscitation, all intensive care interventional procedures, Management of Birth Asphyxia, Neonatal Hyperbilirubinaemia, Cardiac Problems, Meconium Aspiration, sepsis, birth Defects and congenital abnormalities, Renal disease workup. Was the Chief Registrar of the Newborn and cardiology / Intensive Care Unit for Six months each.


Diagnosis, workup, treatment and counselling of a wide variety of chromosomal, metabolic, storage disorders, skeletal dysplasias, antenatal diagnosis amongst other disorders.


Managed a diverse range of inherited, metabolic, infective and other neurological conditions. Have conducted various test like EMG, Nerve Conduction, EEG and so on.


Managed intensive care patients on a variety of ventilators, asthma and its complications, pulmonary function tests, range of inherited, metabolic, infective and other respiratory conditions.

Experience In Internship

  • USA : Outpatients, in patients, intensive care management Experience.

  • INDIA : Experience in all branches of medicine, with exclusive work in Rural