Medical Administrator


Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Bagai is the leading health care administrator with over 10years of experience.

Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Bagai Is A Multi-Faceted Individual Of International Repute Who Has Garnered Immeasurable Prestige And Honour For His Highly Distinguished And Meritorious Work As India’s Foremost Paediatrician & Paediatric Nephrologist And An Astute Health Administrator. He Delivers International Standard World Class Health Care, With Uncompromising commitment.

His Prolonged Efforts And Foresightedness Are Immensely Critical In Envisioning And Instituting India’s First And Largest Women’s And Children’s Hospital & Super Speciality 500 Bedded Hospital – Medical Research Centre, In Delhi. The Breakthrough Establishment Shall Significantly Enhance The Maternal And Child Health In Northern India. Also There Is A Huge Need-Gap In Clinical Services For The Same. This Effort Will Undoubtedly Go A Long Way To Give Impetus To Medical Aid & Health Education. This Will Undoubtedly Be An Epitome Of World Class Health Care, With Cutting Edge Technology In Teaching, Clinical, Research, Training And Advanced Technologies. This Will Have India’s First Integrated Assisted Living Facilities For The Elderly, Centre For Children With Physical And Mental Disabilities, Etc.

• He Has Officially And Formally Collaborated With The Largest Super Speciality University & Women And Child Network Hospitals & Chain Of Teaching American University, Of America – UTMC, Ohio-World Leaders In Clinical, Research, Teaching, Biotechnology, Etc. And Partners With ManipalHospitals As A Global Leader In Health & Education. He Has Also Got Formal Affiliations With University Of PittusburgMedical College (UPMC), USA For Patterning In Technological Advancements. Under One Roof The Best Talent Pool Is Being Created.

• The Full Project Will Have – Hospitals –Super Speciality & Dedicated For Women And Child – 500 Beds In Both Centres Together. It Will Have Centres For Women-Children, CTVS, Cardiology, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Gastroenterology & Organ Transplantation, Renal Sciences & RTT, General Surgery, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement, Pulmonary & Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics & All Its Allied Branches, IVF, Obs-Gyn, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Endoscopic Surgery, Oncology Centre, The Most Advanced Lab & Radiology Centres, Robotic Centres, Cyber Knife, Etc. Research Institute, Biotechnology And Bio-Engineering-Nano Technology Institute, Regenerative Medicine-Stem Cell Centre, Teaching, Accommodation, Guest House Facilities, Recreation And Sports Centre, Hub For International Medical Tourism, Genomics And Robotic Centre, Holistic Medical Centre, Centres Of Excellence In All Major Clinical Departments, Tele Medicine Centre, Centre For Virtual Reality And Artificial Intelligence, Simulation Centre, Rehabilitation Centres Etc. These Hospitals In Northern India Are The First Of Its Proto Type, In Numerous Avenues. The Largest Dedicated Women’s & Children’s Hospital, India’s First Comprehensive Digital Smart Hospital, Would Be The Highlighting Features Of These Hospitals. This Will Give More Affordable & Accessible Health Care To Millions. He Realised Many Years Back, That Digital Technologies Will Change The Face Of Indian Health Care, With Varied Revolutionary Advancements. He Has Pushed Treatment Protocols From Therapeutic To Preventive & Personalised Genomics. This Is A Great Momentum Booster To Our Digital India Movement. Applications Like RFID , Sensor Controlled OTs Mobile Apps, Tracking, Watson , Robotic Advanced Surgeries, Remote Monitoring, Etc Will Aid All Patients With Better Clinical Outcomes At Lower Rates.

• These Will Also Open Infinite Doors For International Medical Tourism , And Have Attracted Patients From Every Continent To India, Including From Congo, Ethiopia, PNG, Fiji, Kenya , Nigeria , Middle East Etc. This Puts India On Prime Global Health Map. Tele Medicine & Tele Mentoring Have Linked Critical Ill Cases To His Centres To Save Many Lives. It’s A Virtual Hospital Created With High End Technologies. He Believes That Knowledge Is The Strongest Global Currency And Education Being The DNA Of Our Progress.

• The Highlights Are- First Ever Private Women And Child Hospital In North India With A Super Speciality Centre With Biotechnology And Research Centres, Education-Medicine-Technology-Research City In India. This Hospital Will Be India’s First Green & Smart Fully Digital Hospital, Focussing On Paper Less Technology, Water & Energy Conservation & Environmentally Safe Hospital. Through This Development Of Advanced Technology He Has Helped Link Far Away Developing Countries To Gain Access To India’s Finest Health Care Like In Congo, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, And Ethiopia Etc.

• His Active Collaboration With The Best International Teaching Universities Of USA & Canada Will Help Materialise The Commencement Of A Revered Medical Centre Of Research, Education, Clinical Hospital, Teaching Etc. He Is A Visiting Professor To Universities Of Ohio In USA & Montreal In Canada Where He Is Invited To Lecture, Since The Greatest Global Currency Is Education.