This new field deals with all kidney and related disorders in newborns and children.The Paediatric nephrology facilities include technology to diagnose and treat cases of antenatal fetal abnormalities,inherited and genetic disorders,congenital chromosomal,urinary tract infections,obstructive uropathies, renal calculi diseases, glomerular and tubular disorders,Bladder dysfunctions, enuresis, acute and chronic renal failures, dialysis including all modalities of peritoneal, CAPD,haemodialysis and filtration,work up for renal replacement therapy e.g. Renal transplantation, among others.

Sub-specialty clinics for Paediatric Nephrology are also available. Renal care integrated facilities for screening, diagnosis, treating patients are there, with a fundamental emphasis on clinical research. Here comprehensive management for all kidney disorders from new born on day 1 of life, infants, children and teenagers, is delivered with emphasis on team work, to give a holistic approach for optimum care. Dr. Sanjeev Bagai is one of the best Paediatric Nephrology Consultant in Delhi.

Emergency Pediatric Nephrology Services

These services are available round the clock,for children with acute-chronic renal failure, peritoneal dialysis, fluid-electrolyte disturbances and so on.

Specific Clinics for Nephrotic syndrome,urinary tract infection,bed wetting,renal failure cases (acute and chronic),end stage renal diseases are available.

Specific facilities available are Peritoneal dialysis,ultrasound guided kidney biopsy and management of antenatally diagnosed renal problems.

Research activities are centered on pathophysiology of growth failure in uraenia, Urinary tract infection, antenatal fetal renal abnormality and on different avenues of management of nephritic syndromes.

The department has a strong tradition of clinical research, which has been augmented recently by taking critical steps for health care, as it continues to preserve its commitment to the advancement of science and knowledge.These studies have gone a long way for establishing internationally recognized treatment protocols, to decrease long term renal damage with the earliest possible detection and treatment. This indeed is the best contribution to the society.