About Dr. Sanjeev Bagai


Giving Children the Care they Deserve

Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Bagai Is A Multi-Faceted Individual Of International Repute Who Has Garnered Immeasurable Prestige And Honour For His Highly Distinguished And Meritorious Work As India’s Foremost Paediatrician & Paediatric Nephrologist And An Astute Health Administrator. He Delivers International Standard World Class Health Care, With Uncompromising commitment.

Today, His Practice Is A Benchmark, Enriched By Vast & Extensive Knowledge, Infused By Enthusiasm, For Others To Emulate. Being In The Forefront Of Clinical & Research Practice, His Focus Is On Preventive Medicine. Dr. Sanjeev Bagai Is A Leading Paediatrician & Paediatric Nephrologist, Of International Repute. He Is A Skilled Physician, Who Judiciously Combines Medical Knowledge, Intuition, & Judgment To Integrate Tact, Sympathy & Understanding In Treating Children. He Exemplifies The Highest Values Of Being A Caring & Compassionate, Multi-Faceted Doctor.

>> He Is The Chairman & Managing Director Of Nephron Health Care In Delhi.

>> The Former Vice Chairman, Director & Dean Of Manipal Hospital Dwarka.

>> Former CEO & Dean Of Radiant Life Care Delhi

>> Former CEO & Senior Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatric Nephrologist And Neonatologist - Batra Hospital & Medical Research Center

>> Former Senior Consultant, Medical Advisor, And Director - H.O.D. Paediatric Department, Rockland Hospital

>> Former Head of The Div. of Paed. Nephrology, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre.

>> Former Senior Consultant At Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

He’s Been A Graduate And Post Graduate Of KEM & GS Medical College, Having Done His MBBS,MD,DCH, DNBE And MNAMS All In Paediatrics, From Bombay Then Had Done A Fellowship In Paed. And Paediatric Nephrology At The Prince Of Wales Children Hospital And Prince Henry Hospital At Sydney- Australia In Addition, He Did His Early Training In The New York University Hospital., USA And Completed His Fellowship Of The International Medical Science Academy. He Has Special Expertise & Fellowship Training In paediatric Nephrology & Kidney Diseases, & Was One Of The Pioneers To Establish World Class paediatric Nephrology & Dialysis Programmes In New Delhi, In Early 1990s. He Has Done Extensive Work On paediatric Hypertension, Glomerular Disease And So On. He Has A Major Research Data On Antenatal Diagnosis Of Fetal Renal Disorders. He Started The CAPD Programme In Small Infants With Renal Failure. He Has A Vast Experience In Teaching & Conducting CMEs & Workshops To Educate Doctors & The General Public To Prevent Long Term Damage Caused By Renal Diseases In Small Children.

Born On March 31, 1965, He Had A Highly Meritorious & Distinguished Career, Right From His Early School Days. Being Educated In The Best & Premium Institutions In India & Overseas, He Inculcated Discipline & Vision In His Personality From Early Childhood. His Schooling Was In The Renowned Bishop’s School (Poona), La Matiniere School (Calcutta), & Cathedral School (Bombay). His Dynamic Personality, Quick Wit, Academic Brilliance, Tremendous Organizational Skills & Leadership Qualities, Made An Automatic Choice In Various Pivotal Positions. He Graduated From St. Xavier’s College Bombay, & Has Been One Of Their Most Illustrious Alumni. He Was Honored In 2008 & 2009 For Outstanding Achievements In The Medical Field, At The 140th Anniversary Function Of St. Xavier’s College.

He’s A Gold Medallist From Bombay University, With Distinctions In 7 Subjects & Also The Bombay University Merit Scholar And Sir Dorab Tata Merit Scholar.

The Highlights are- First ever private women and child hospital in North India with a super speciality centre with biotechnology and research centres, education-medicine-technology-research city in India.This hospital will be India’s first Green & Smart fully digital hospital, focussing on paper less technology, water & energy conservation & environmentally safe hospital. Through this development of advanced technology he has helped link far away developing countries to gain access to India’s finest health care like in Congo, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Ethiopia etc.

Being A Perpetual Student, With An Inquisitive & Avid Mind, He Joined Medicine At The Famous G.S. Medical College & K.E.M Hospital In Bombay On Merit For M.B.B.S. Being A Topper In Bombay University, He Did His paediatric Post Graduation Of M.D. & D.C.H From The Largest paediatric Hospital In India, The Wadia Children’s Hospital In Bombay. Thereafter, He Completed His D.N.B.E. Before Proceeding For Specialized Training In New York University Hospital, & Then A Merit-Fellowship In paediatric Nephrology At The Renowned Prince Of Wales Children’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia In 1992. Almost Two Decades Ago, He Recognized The Fact That paediatric Sub-Specialization Would Be The Need Of The Hour & Was One Amongst The First Few With Such Meritorious Super Specialization In paediatric Nephrology. He Chose To Return To India After Extensive Overseas Training To Serve His Own Country.

He Has A Great Interest In Teaching & Has Taught Students In St. Xavier’s College (Bombay), New South Wales University (Australia), & Many Hospitals All Over The World. He Was On The Executive Boards Of Indian Association Of paediatrics From 1996-1998 & Indian Nephrology Society From 2004 – 2006. He Lectures Extensively In Various International & National Conferences To Impart Knowledge To Students. He Has To His Credit More Than 450 Major Lectures, At Various National & International Forums Including Annual Conventions Of The Indian Medical Association & Delhi Medical Association. He Was Awarded The Prestigious “Dr. Malik Oration Award Of IMA” & The “Dr. Pal Oration Award Of IMA”. He Is At Present The Scientific Editor & Chief Of Indian Medical Association, Contributing To Ignite The Passion Of Learning Amongst All Fields Of Doctors. He Is Editor & Chief Of The International paediatric Nephrology Journal To Spread Knowledge To The Younger Generation.

His Academic Brilliance Won Him “Distinction Awards” In Anatomy, Biochemistry, And A “Gold Medal” In Preventive Medicine In 1984 & 1987. He Was Awarded The “Best Intern-Award” & The “Best All Round Student Award” In His College. His All Round Brilliance Won Him The Prestigious “Bombay University Merit Scholarship” & “The Sir Dorab Tata Merit Scholarship” In 1982.

His Research Interest Won Him The “Sarla VaishnavResearch Award” In 1998. He Was Chosen On The “Directory Of Asian / American Who’s Who” In 1999, & The “International Directory Of Distinguished Leadership (USA)” In 1995. He Was Awarded The Prestigious “Award Of The Millennium” For Year 2000. He Is Also The Recipient Of The “Bharat Jyoti Award Of Excellence” In 2003, “Vijay Shree Award” In 2006, “Leading Citizen Of India Award” In 2004 & “Delhi Association Of Doctors – Excellence Award” In 2005. He Is The Recipient Of Many Other Awards Including The “Pravasi Ratan Award”, “Gold Medal In 2008 From ABI”, USA Amongst Others.

He Has Also Been The Recipient Of The “Fellowship Of International Medical Science Academy 2006”, & Has Received The Most Coveted “Indian Medical Association Oration Awards” In 2007 & 2008. He Was Also Awarded The “Indian Medical Association Exemplary Award” In 2006, “Distinguished Service Award” In 2007, “Life Time Achievement Award Of Indian Medical Association” In 2008. He Was Chosen To Be Amongst The Few Selected ‘Best Global Talent’ Of Oxford University & ABI & Was Also Awarded The Famous ‘Hall Of Fame Distinction’ Of ABI In 2009. He Was Also Awarded The Coveted “Highest Distinction Award In The Field Of Medicine” By American Bibliography Institution In 2009.

He Has A Series Of Publications In National & International Medical Peer Reviewed & Indexed Journals. His Sharp & Analytical Mind Has Helped Numerous Research Protocols Being Developed And Is On The Expert Research Committees Of Various Such Associations. He Has To His Credit In Excess Of 75 Publications Of Repute. He Has Very Clearly Emerged As An Iconic Figure In Healthcare Being Revered For His Vast Expensive Knowledge & Excellent Clinical & Teaching Skills.

His Philanthropic Endeavours Include The Rare Surgeries On The Famous Con Joint Twins- Sita & Gita, One Of Only 3 Successful Near Impossible Complex Surgeries In India & The Reconstructive Facial Reconstructive Surgeries On The Acid Attack Girl. These Path Breaking Emulate Worthy Work Is Deeply Connected To His Compassion, Empathy, Benevolence & Loyalty To His Medical Profession. He Has An Unblemished Highly Decorated Career As An Epitome To Progress, In True Service To Humanity. He Has Launched An Unprecedented National Campaign For Dengue Awareness. For Him, A Patient Isn’t Just A Statistical Bed Number Or An Organ Disease, But A Soul Reaching Out To Him, For Care, Compassion, Empathy, Which He Provides To One And All. Health Care Is A Mission To Him, Not Just A Profession.

He Is A Founder Member Of The Vandana Bagai Charitable Foundation, Through This Foundation; He Contributes A Great Deal To The Poorer Section Of The Society. He Has Adopted Many Poor Orphan Children For Their Comprehensive Upbringing. He Conducts Training Programmes & Lectures To Impart Knowledge All Over India & Overseas. He Was One Of The Pioneers In The Formation Of The World Class Paediatric Nephrology & Dialysis Programmes In Delhi; While Also Being The Founder Member Of The Vandana Bagai Charitable Foundation Which Altruistically Tenders A Great Deal To The Deprived Sections Of Society.

Dr. Sanjeev Bagai’s Expertise Is Utilized By Many High Commissions & Embassies As A Senior Consultant. He Is A Member Of Many Associations Including International paediatric Nephrology Association, Indian Medical Association, Delhi Medical Association, Delhi Medical Council, Indian Academy Of paediatrics, Delhi Nephrology Society, National Neonatal Academy, NSW Australian Medical Board Amongst Others.

A Born Sportsman, He Excels In Cricket, Football, And Hockey & Athletics. He Was The School & College Captain In Cricket & Was Facilitated For Exceptional Sporting Achievements In His College As The Most Outstanding Cricketer & Sportsman Of The Last Century. Winner Of Numerous National Tournaments From 1980-1991, He Epitomizes The Concept Of Sports In Building A Man’s Characters.

Being A Good Writer, He Has Contributed To The Print & Electronic Media With More Than 7000 Articles And Press Coverages In The Last 15 Years. He Has A Natural & Special Talent Of Communicating With Large Audiences, Which Has Helped A Global Audience To Understand Disease Profiles For Preventing Illnesses In Numerous Electronic Television Channels.





>> Medical Council Of India Registration No. 61456

>> Delhi Medical Council Registration No. 13026

>> Delhi Medical Association

>> Indian Medical Association