He has presented a thesis on Enuresis In Children, a detailed case study. This included interview of patients and their families, physical examination of the case and investigation profile, including urine routine and cultures, ultrasound of the kidneys, urodynamic studies, and radiological survey. (Submitted to the university of Bombay).

  • >> Review of growth in chronic renal failure and renal transplantation.
  • >> Analysis of growth in chronic renal failure (to be sent for publications).
  • >> Analysis of growth after renal transplant at the Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia (to be sent for publication).


He has taught post graduate students at NSW university, Sydney, conducting lectures, seminars, ward and ICU rounds.

Personal Presentations

In Sydney Paediatric Nephrology group monthly meetings have presented cases of a typical case of haemolytic uremic syndrome, growth in chronic renal failure and post renal transplantation. (May 1993, July 1993, September 1993, October 1993, and January 1994).

In Grands Rounds at The Prince of Wales Children's Hospital, I have presented cases on Pyelonephritis and septic shock.

In Acute Paediatric seminars have presented cases of acute managements. Attended the Annual Paediatric Nephrology meeting of Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide (March 1994).


Have carried out a retrospective and prospective study of chronic renal failure and transplant patients spanning over period of 17 years and have looked into the aspects of the growth with regards to the height and weight and their variable parameters, serum biochemistry profile, effects of growth hormone and erythropoetin on growth. Effects of puberty and dialysis details on growth were also analysed.

  • >> Effect of the dose and regimes of steroids on growth pre and post renal transplant were also critically reviewed. Correlation were made between sexual maturation.
  • >> Serum Creatinine, Rejection Episodes, Cyclosporin Efficacy and relation of growth with age at transplantation.
  • >> Projects Which I Have Taken Interest In.
  • >> The long term follow up of antenatal ultrasound diagnoses of renal dilatation and reflux, renal scans including DMSA, DTPA, Mag3 radio nuclear scans and their usefulness in obstructive nephropathies, and glomerular disease, role of ultrasonography in diagnosis of renal.
  • >> Dilatation and scarring.


  • >> Acute Leukemia’s – Wadia Hospital, Bombay 1990.
  • >> Neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia – KEM Hospital Bombay 1991.
  • >> Steroids in Meningitis –Delhi Paed. Association -All India Institute Delhi 1992.
  • >> H. Influenza infection in Children -All India Institute Delhi 1992.
  • >> Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis - Wadia Hospital , Bombay 1991.
  • >> Role of lntravenous Immunloglobulin – Ganga Ram Hospital –Delhi-1990.
  • >> Hypertensive Encephalopathy -Wadia Hospital - Bombay –1990.
  • >> Rental Tubular Acidosis -Wadia Hospital – Bombay-1991.

On going Research in his department Review of Renal biopsies in Nephrotic Syndrome Children

  • >> Role of Levamisole in Nephrotic Syndrom
  • >> Progress of VUR (Vesico Uretic Reflux) in children
  • >> Role of Erythropoeitin (Epo) in CRF Paed. Case
  • >> DMSA renal scans, for Urinary infection-complication+ sequalac
  • >> Review of Renal Artery Stenosis in children at Batra Hospital